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Non-Surgical Nose Job

The Needle Nose Job / Non-Surgical Nose Job*

How do we do it?*

We place small amounts of collagen under the skin to shape the nose. And there is no down time! We restore a more symmetric look to your nose just by filling in the defects of your nose to make the irregularities of the nose less obvious.

All you need is a numbing cream pre-injection. Then you can get back to your life immediately. Even though we are adding collagen to the nose, surprisingly the nose does not look bigger. By taking away those bumpies and creating a more symmetrical nose, the nose actually looks smaller and more proportional.

If you have always desired to have a smoother profile but have been fearful of surgery consider our fabulous procedure. If you have a fear of commitment, worry not, the collagen typically lasts for 3-6 months so if you do not like your new nose, you will get back to the old one before you know it. If you prefer longer acting collagens, we can accommodate you too!


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**Results may vary. Unless noted otherwise, testimonials provided are patients of Tucson Cosmetics who have undergone completed treatment(s.) Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary. Statements estimating treatment duration and the amount of treatments required are based on the typical experience of patients of Tucson Cosmetics, however, duration and amount of treatments needed may vary per client. A guarantee is neither provided nor implied.