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Athletic Performance

athletic performance

Many times, athletes will hit “slumps” and, despite having a personal coach, they need additional help to perform even better. For example some of the best ranked athletes that Dr. Rubbani had treated was suffering with extreme fatigue and exhaustion. Those athletes had “hit a wall” where they couldn’t run at their usual pace.

performance tests

Other athletic performance tests that are performed at Tucson Cosmetics are:

  • Nutritional studies to see which minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, and other nutrients you may be deficient in.
  • Oxidative stress or excessive rusting in the body is evaluated.
  • Food sensitivity testing to individually determine what foods may be contributing to chronic medical issues.

Optimizing nutrition and also detoxifying the liver are key steps to helping someone achieve their peak performance. One of the most effective methods for optimizing nutrition is to undergo IV Nutrition. In fact, many NASCAR drivers are now using IV nutrition to improve upon their performance.

Our approach is always holistic & as natural as possible*.


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